Day by Day

 {Day by Day}

Today I went swimming in the morning to the sound of a marching band practicing at a high school nearby. I thought how nice it was to have a musical soundtrack playing in the distance and what a shame that for too many laps I’d been missing it.

Afterward I came home to some people going through our garbage cans. At first I was alarmed, and thought maybe I should turn around and go the other way, but I ended up approaching them anyway. It was a pregnant girl and older man who wanted to know if I had any more aluminum cans I could give them. I went upstairs and found what I could and brought it back down for them with a bag of cherries in my hand as well. I always feel a little embarrassed when I give people something, like I should be giving them something more or something more important.

The rest of the day I tried to clean and organize and be “productive”, as usual I struggled staying focused. But I did move a few steps forward.

I see so much tediousness and weight we all have to pull throughout our weeks mixed with a few surprise highlights. Every day has so much in it, and what do we remember of it? There’s a tendency and perhaps a survival technique to remember all the unpleasant things, but there’s also a quieter, maybe even stronger urge to remember all that was good.